Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Meanwhile in Hollywood...


Beetlejuice 2 is currently filming and slated to hit theaters in the USA September 6, 2024. 

I don't quite know what to say except I feel ambivalent about this. However, the fact that Tim Burton is the directing force behind his original project and his history with sequels happens to be - comparative to other Hollywood writer/directors - "damn-good" coupled timely return of the entire original cast including:

I think it's safe to say whether you're a fan of the classic or too young to remember or - even worse - in that middle ground of calling it a 'cult classic', nevertheless, theaters will be packed come Thanksgiving of next year. 

Thoughts? Feelings? Discuss amongst yourselves. In the meantime, why not talk over a game of Monopoly? 

As always this has been

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