Tuesday, March 28, 2023


It's official... OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS on my journey as a Google Local Guide and contributing to Google Maps 

Honestly, I just enjoy doing it. I like being able to help where I can, give credit where it's due and answer a question or two. 

Being such a visual person and constantly creating new content I practically live out of my Google Photos as it is, but it's really interesting to look back and see this documentation of your schlep across planet Earth. 

And, for those of you in the St Petersburg/Clearwater/Tampa tri-city area who are looking for an honest take on the local housing market, check out my Google Maps List - "Rental Ratings" https://maps.app.goo.gl/k8kHWyWtgeJYY14Z6

I've covered 14 properties in the list, all I've either lived at, had a connection to or took a tour and got the inside scoop.

It's been a real nightmare trying to find the perfect place to call home when I already had it and didn't get to make the choice when the time was up. The owner of our unit popped that news right before Xmas and we've been month to month since because he wants to sell. It's a scary, lonely feeling when your home, the place you've built to be your center and solace, is ripped out from underneath you. 

Naturally it didn't help needing to relocate in the middle of this insane inflation. I guess the other side of the coin then comes with a feeling of gratitude for having it so well off all along. EVERY PLACE we looked was either insanely smaller, ridiculously expensive or a combo of the two. 

But everything happens for a reason. And, now we're finally getting settled into the new townhome I found for us. I don't know what it is (maybe the penny pinching die-hard bargain hunter in me) but I have the best luck with finding real estate that's affordable, has the space I need and has potential for growth. 

Just like the last place we landed, I found this one tucked away, a tiny ad that got withdrawn the day it was submitted when I claimed it on the spot and I knew, with my hubby by my side, looking over every detail and taking it all in... We were home. 

Thanks to Google Maps and the Local Guides program I'll always have a keepsake of the time we spent in the last place, the crazy hustle to find a new one and I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of updates along the way. In a time where (I swear) I'm losing my memory - and my mind - I like knowing I'll have that to look back and remember. 

*and a very good friend already gave me the perfect housewarming gift... 

That said... Here's to fresh starts, new memories and building a home in between. Blessings.

As Always....This has been

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