Friday, August 26, 2022

Part Review - Part Rant

Oh my God! I think l was just kitty litter shamed. I'm a victim of internet inflicted drive-by judgement. 

I was on a forum for cat owners... Yes, it's 9pm on a Saturday night n I'm cruising on online kitty column. #helpme Anyway, I got called everything you could think of -and republican to boot! All because I'm an honest American who will take affordability, efficiency and quality any day of the week over the politically correct trending alternatives that don't do half the job and cost twice as much. 

I'm sorry, I'm all for sustainability and all-natural, vegan, hemp, chem-free, cruelly-free, all free but the bloated lollipop culture line of "specially items" and saving the world from whatever trending hashtag is threatening our demise... At least for this week anyway. 

But in the end, I'll choose the PC option under 3 conditions - 

1. It doesn't cost me time 
2. or money 
3. and it actually works.

I've tried almost every litter I could allow myself to justify up to a certain price point, but there's only ONE that does everything I need it to and that's Arm & Hammer Slide. No dust, perfect clumping and easy cleanup with impressive odor control. You don't even know I have a cat when you first enter my home - which I admit could lean more towards the ADD/ADHD/OCD/OGYEAHYOUKNOWME -but I keep a relatively clean home and it doesn't smell like I'm the Crazy Cat Lady with a slew of slutty ferals who treat the nightlife like it's 80's club kids/disco bloodbath meets "Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom" in some beastly purrs I really don't want to think about... So the point checks all the boxes.

So unless I find out that it's made in a Martha Stewart-esque sweatshop using third world shortbus-potential orphaned whistle children that's secretly funded by some sort of alt-indirection political conspiracy theory gone Inception, I'm sticking with what gets the job done, does it right and that my cat will not fuss over using.

I love my Lilly. She's my baby, but that girl needs to get to work if she wants a say in her surfing insta-famous fad products from higher priced pine shredding hippies leading a new wave of elevated gullibility.

But that's just my opinion... How about you? Anyone? Discuss amongst yourselves. ☕ 📣 --😆

-This has been a Jonathan Black Observation.
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