Friday, February 10, 2023

My Beautiful Black Bouquet - Happy Anniversary!


I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when my best friend and husband gifted me with the most unique and beautiful bouquet I've seen.

He had the talented team at Delma's, The Flower Booth, craft the arrangement with catnip filled gifts for my beloved Lilly and - in keeping with my signature color - each flower was creatively cast in black. 

A gorgeous and much appreciated gift for our 4 year anniversary. A thank you to my husband, Jeremy, for his thoughtful and unique surprise and a very special thank you to Delma's for helping make our day all the more special.

Naturally, being the creative guy that I am, I couldn't just take pictures to remember the moment. Instead, I opted to include a few choices stills with a custom remix to a personal favorite, creating a fun memory that will last forever and something to enjoy looking back on. 

Thank you, Jeremy. I love you and I look forward to the many more years ahead. 

For more information about St Petersburg's highly recommended floral shop - Delma's, the Flower Booth - check out their website or Google Maps listing here. 

You can also see more pictures and my Google Local Guide review here. 

As Always, this has been -

A Jonathan Black Observation

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