Saturday, October 1, 2022

Forget Stocks - Trade the Jock MKT

Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

Well, seriously, I found a new app I've been having fun with and wanted to share a great opportunity. 

If you like LEGAL SPORTS BETTING and are looking for a LEGIT site with a guarantee and great reputation, listen up!

Jock MKT is the stock market for trading jocks - get your mind out of the gutter 😉 -but it's live, real-time and the good people who developed the app are giving a killer opportunity for you to actually DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN 30 DAYS JUST FOR SIGNING UP!

Here's the basics

1. Click the pic or follow my link - and sign up as a NEW PLAYER.

2. DEPOSIT A MINIMUM OF $20 to be eligible for the offer and then...


This means after singing up if you decide just to deposit the $20, they'll give you $20 to match on your account. They'll match dollar for dollar 100% of your money up to $50. Meaning you can put in $50 and they give you $50 (total $100) to welcome you aboard. 

There's only one small catch and that is in order to withdrawal the money from your gaming account you have to wait 30 days for the promotional funds to settle. You can spend them right away if you want to bet your heart out, but if you're looking to just cash in on the opportunity you have to wait a month. This is standard for all online casinos that offer Welcome Match Bonuses. 

All and all it's a fun app filled with a ton of options, players to trade and bet on. They have daily, weekly and even larger FREE CASH MONEY pots on a ton of events so you can realistically play for free after your first initial trade. And, You have to spend at least $10 of the original investment. Just saying.

But I like it. It's fun, makes things a little interesting and hey , where else can you go and be guaranteed to double your money in 30 days?

So, yes, JOCK MKT gets the official BasikBlack Stamp of Approval and Two VERY Enthusiastic Thumbs Up by BasikBucks! 

Look forward to seeing you on the leaderboards! If you have any questions about the link or how this works feel free to reach out. You all know I would never recommend something I don't use myself and that actually works. So don't hesitate to ask and I'll help where I can or point you I'm the right direction. Happy Saturday Everyone!

And, as always, this has been...

A Jonathan Black Observation

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