Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Most Wanted...?

The 'Azzaro' family name is defined as "A Metonymic Occupational Name For Maker Or Supplier Of Steel Or Swords From A Dialect Variant Of Acciaio ‘Steel’."

Further, Urban Dictionary gives insight into pop culture's spin, listing Azzaro as "the guy that will make your heart stop, make your eyes shine, shower you with kisses and always stand up for you. Never let this guy go. Ever."

I've never been one for pegging labels and categorization. However, if you're looking for a solid piece of steel to stand strong in your arsenal or a seductive and daring blend of vibrant and masculine notes to wrap you in a sheath of memories with it's warm tones, to take you fully and without hesitation in an embrace you never want to end – Then I say the definition fits perfectly for the latest fragrance by Azzaro: The Most Wanted. 

The Most Wanted is a successful sequel to the previous - Wanted - a fragrance which on its own left a long and lingering allure with its crisp, curious scent. 

But from crisp to cautionary, from delight to daring, dark and dangerous. Most Wanted no doubt evokes a richer, bolder aroma that paints a picture of both seduction and the preluding danger in the dance of a faceless and animalistic dalliance with the unknown. 

Just like the pulse pounding craving for adventure and delight in a most intense midnight tryst, Most Wanted delivers on all levels and yet with its sultry, palatable indulgence it elevates the seduction itself to willfully leave you with just one thing - wanting more! 

Seductive. Daring. Charismatic. A powerful fusion of vibrant cardamon, addictive toffee accord and the masculine trail of amber wood.

This powerful blend will take you on a journey you never want to end. The aromatic fragrance will last much longer than the fantasy it evokes. A perfect parfum for longer wear. Its sharp notes are the steel to stab the competition in a flirtful flaunt during your pitch in the afternoon business meeting or while providing the luxurious and lingering profile to captivate and call out to this night's prey with the setting of the sun.

Azzaro writes on its box, "Life is a celebration! Step into the light and enjoy the moment. It's your time to shine!"

While I agree with the cadence and emotion behind the simplistic branding. And do likewise agree that this fragrance works as a nice balance for day or nighttime wear, I believe it to be the darker tale that wins the prize and puts this parfum at the perfect place for an essential nighttime must-have. 

It speaks volumes in every soulful sniff and is very hard to define in one role or another. It's a complex fragrance that is bold in body yet leaves all the rest open for interpretation in the hands of the man daring to wear it. 

It's exciting! It's sexy. It's smooth yet spicy. It's everything that's needed and a little extra to tease the senses. I am proud to say that Azzaro The Most Wanted is now my Personal Favorite and it will be a very interesting and very bloody battle amongst the brands to produce something even more elevated than this, my new best friend. 

Azzaro definitely hit a home run with and it truly lives up to the name… THE MOST WANTED. 

This has been a 
'Jonathan Black Observation.'  


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