Saturday, August 20, 2022

A Jonathan Black Observation ( #AJBO )

Watch out world! Here I go! 

Okay I may need some prayers here people. I saw the night birds calling from the dusk at 4am in a crippling excitement and terror - DAY 1 - Android 13 Update - Pixel 6 PRO.

So far... So good. But I fair warn you I still haven't mastered the last half of 12 and now am plucking along in the Early Access "Pixel Operator"  app which - and I quote Google Play - "Creates video beats by sampling your surroundings with the device camera" ... Whatever the hell that means. 

Guess we'll see. I'm still trying to get the 360°photo sphere down. Takes a little patience. Anyway...

Day 1, the beta is abuzz and the Clickbait Kings are already out with the roaring cry of the least but of latency. Typical, I suppose. 

I'm taking a moment to recognize the sort of poetic irony here that my world as I know it, grasped in the palm of my hand, EXPENSIVELY designed by Google, protected by Google, hosted by... You get it... And here I am on Facebook as my first hit to an open line on the outside world. 

You guys here that? We are literally the gauge for each other's sanity and inner world self reflected by our own creative narcissism. I like that. 

Well it was a late night if you can't tell. But, if you liked this and found my anecdote amusing or it took the spot of your drama for 5 seconds give me a like. Why not. If you didn't, sorry. I guess that's the gamble reading each other's insomniac rants, raves and ramblings.

- This has been a Jonathan Black Observation. 

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